Pneumatic Post


from NivolleThis Thursday I got a tube in the mailbox! :O Yes a tube!  And it contains a letter! It is from Nicolle in the US, who sent me this in a “random object swap” in LEP. It’s pretty darn cool, right ? :D I’ve never gotten a letter in a tube before. Oh, and she also included tea :3 Thank you so much! Such a fun little thing to receive!

from SusanI also got a lovely letter form Susan in the UK. She writes on the most lovely paper!


I have also sent some mail myself. As I have no patience to wait until people have received their mail I now warn you about spoilers.

to CatrinHere is a little something to Catrin in the US. I really like to use these glassine bags as envelopes!

to DeniseAnd here’s another little something going to Denise in Canada. This envelope is made out of rather thick, unbendable paper, and I’m afraid it will open itself on its way to Canada. I hope not, because I know she will be at least a little sad if this gets lost.

to KaraAnd last but not least, a very pink envelope with a letter to Kara in England.

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