We are with the government


This Monday was my last day of work. I have really enjoyed working at the excavation of Gammel Strand in Copenhagen, and it feels weird to have so much time on my hands all of a sudden. I already miss my colleagues and the digging. The perks of summer holidays/being unemployed are of course that I have a chance to go a day or two without soil in my ears, hair and nose, and that I will have more time for snail mailing and blogging:

to fridaThis letter has travelled to Frida in Norway. I took forever to write her back because her first letter to me was intimidatingly amazing, and I wasn’t sure I could keep up. I don’t know about the letter itself, but at least I am happy with how the envelope turned out :)

to denise 3This mail themed envelope is for Denise in Canada. I’m still not really used to writing her new Canadian address, but I think I’ll memorize it pretty soon considering how much I mail-spam her!

to SarahHere is a little package with envelopes going to Sarah in the US. I often buy letter sets with matching papers and envelopes. This means I end up having a lot of spare envelopes that I wont use since I most often make or decorate my own. I am always happy to send them on to some other snailmailer who will have use of them :D

to NicolleLast month I joined a “random object swap” in League of Extraordinary Penpals, and my swap partner was Nicolle in the US. The point of this swap was, as you might have figured out already, to send a random object to someone. No envelope, no box, just slap on the address and stamps and send it. This is what I sent! A bag of Swedish candy: salty liquorice/salmiak. It has a very… special taste, and someone who’s not used to it may or may not be disgusted by it xD I hope we can still be friends Nicolle!



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