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Mail pile


When I got home yesterday from my vacation in northern Sweden I found a huge mail pile waiting for me on my desk. My boyfriend had even sorted and marked (with memo sheets) the mail for me after the date it was received :) Here are some of the things I found in that pile:

from Ann SA lovely letter from Ann in the US. Those owls are too cute, and look at that gorgeous tape! And she knows I’m a total sucker for church buildings, judging by the leaflet she enclosed :)

from DeniseHere’s an oh so amazing letter from my dearest Denise in Canada. This envelope makes me think that the blue and yellow Swedish flag needs some orange!

from Sara JeanSara Jean! Loved your letter as always! What a pain that someone failed with the delivery of my mail the first time D:  But now it’s here, and I really like this cool card with the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum! Such a cool building!
/former art history student ;)
PS. I’m very much in love with these circus stamps.

från Georgette, Katrin, och Anny SabineHere are four postcards I received! Yes, four! :D The bottom two are from Charlotte in the UK. I especially love the Little Women one!
On the top left is a card from my penpal Katrin from Germany, sent from Norway. And the last one, top right, is from Anny Sabine here in Sweden. It’s the cathedral in Uppsala! <3

Vintage knitting


I am now back in Skåne after a week with my family in northern Sweden. I had a whole pile of lovely mail waiting for me when I got home. But first, as promised, some outgoing mail pictures:

to deniseThis letter was sent to Denise in Canada. I love this vintage lady! (On the envelope. There’s nothing vintage about Denise! ;)

to EricaWhen I decorated this envelope for Erica in Finland I went a little overboard on stickers…

to georgetteThis is for Georgette in the US.

tp yoshiAnd lastly a sumery envelope to Yoshi in Austria.

I have sent more mail that I’ll share with you later :)

The copper inflation



20140725_170952nyHello friends! I am currently in the Swedish region Hälsingland where my family lives and where I grew up. This beautiful little church is standing in our home village, and it’s from the 12th century.

20140726_124621nyDuring my stay here I have visited a few flea markets.  There’s a lot of them around here during the summer, and it’s so fun to browse old stuff! This is the biggest one in Hälsingland, according to the interwebs.

20140726_142122nyHere’s another flea market. It had a room full of copper! All the places we visited were full of copper pans and pots and what not. I guess copper’s not hip enough to get a loving home. I think they’re pretty though!

20140726_180248nyI have bought two things during my flea market adventures in Hälsingland, both of them snail mail related! Here’s a little letter holder. I have no idea how old it is, but I like the steampuunkesque style of it. And my letter holder at home is always full so I could use an addition!

20140726_180410nyAnd then we have this little thing of beauty!  I just couldn’t resist it! It’s so small and cute and the keys are the most gorgeous dark burgundy red. It seems to be in a good condition. I’ll try to give it a clean up and hope it’ll work smoothly! I have ordered some ink ribbons for it already: black and purple! :D


I have also written and sent some mail during my stay here, but I’ll post pictures of that next week. I hope you guys are having a great weekend!


Outgoing birthday mail


aiko1Earlier this month I sent a very, very late (I’ms so sorry Aiko!) birthday package to my dear friend Aiko in Japan. Since it has now reached her I can post it here without spoiling the surprise :) It’s fun to send something that you can use a lot of different stamps on! :D

aiko2And here’s what the package looked like inside. I hope it reached Japan without getting to beaten up. Aiko always sends me such amazing birthday gifts (like this for this example), so I really wanted to send her something special. I hope she found something in this little box that she loved :)

to nicolleI’ve also sent a few more letters lately, like this to Nicolle in the US!

to SarahAnd this to Sarah in Canada. I hope these envelopes find you girls well! :)