Time for some outgoing mail pictures!

deniseHere’s a letter I sent to dearest Denise. I tried a new rubber stamp I’ve bought, and played around with sealing wax :)

to georgetteThis water giant has found it’s way to Georgette in the US.

to llllThis is a postcard to Becka in the US. F stands for Forgätmigej (the flower Forget-me-not).

to mormorAnd I also sent a little letter to my grandmother. I hope she likes happy maildays :)


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  1. completely unrelated: But… I forgot to ask in my letter, do you use the steam platform to game? and have you played ‘The Forest’ ? It’s only in alpha build but oh my god! it’s a thing of beauty the AI is so good, oh and it’s like mega prettyful!

    • Hey, I forgot to reply to this! Yes, I use steam now and then, mostly for browsing for new games to try. I just bought The Whitcher 1 & 2 really cheap there :3 But I have not tried this The Forest. What kind of game is it? Or maybe I should just look it up ;)

      • It’s just an open world survival horror, but its in development still, I found it really good so far yet it is depressingly difficult, I’ve been too busy to play for the past couple of weeks but I’m told that the latest update they’ve added a ‘safe’ mode, sort of like the mode of Minecraft without those annoying creepers etc.. The game if really pretty graphically though. And talk of a co-op mode eventually. It’s just great being ‘open world’ and hella scary. :D
        Oh you should add me on steam with you wish :) Maybe with have some playable games in common?

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