Monthly Archives: June 2014

Dinosaurs and lace


till deniseA colourful letter to Denise in Canada. I like how the stamps matched the washi tape I’ve covered the envelope with :)

to denise2Another colourful envelope to my dear Denise! Again, the stamps almost match the colours of the envelope. I wonder if I’ve only used these stamps for Denise’s mail lately? Maybe I need to variate my stamp choices a bit?

to KatrinThis dinosaur is headed to Germany where my friend Katrin lives!

to Nicolle2And here’s a piece of mail to Nicolle in the US.

to susanAnd last for today: a little something to Susan in the UK.


On Monday is my last day of work (boo!). This means I’ll soon have more time to catch up with my mail (yay!).


Outgoing mail


to AmberThis little envelope has been sent to Amber in Canada. I love this vintage foxy knitter. I found her in a 40’s magazine, and she went straight to an envelope!

to AshleyThis next letter is for Ashley in the US.

to DeniseAnd of course I’ve sent some mail to Denise in Canada. Here’s a letter,

till denise IIIAnd here’s a.. paper. I hope they find her!

to KellyAnd lastly, here’s a happy envelope for Kelly in the US.

My neighbor Totoro


from DeniseDenise in the US in Canada sent me this lovely colourful envelope with a super creative letter. She’s a mail magician :)

from KatrinKatrin in Germany sent me a letter plus a leaflet from a monastery she visited in Poland, in a transparent envelope! So cool :D Unfortunately the stamp fell off on it’s way to Sweden, but luckily the letter reached me anyway. Oh, and the leaflet is in German, and to my big surprise I understood most of it! I thought I had forgotten most of the little German I once learned in school, but apparently I’m better than I though. (Reading it is of course way easier than speaking it though…)

from KellyAnd this super cute Totoro postcard is from Kelly in the US, a fellow LEP-member. Thank you so much, I love it!

World’s Only Corn Palace


from Denise & JulieSo this week I received this huge envelope from Canada! More precisely from Julie & Denise! Exciting!

from Julie & DeniseAnd I found all this wonderfulness inside the envelope: two letters (one from Denise, one from Julie), postcards and stationery of Julie’s own gorgeous design. And. A booklet from and about World’s Only Corn Palace!!! I am so obsessed with this place! :D <3 Thank you lovelies!

from JoanaI have also received a lovely letter from Joana in Portugal. She included a bookmark angel :D (still don’t know the correct English word for this kind of bookmark…) I’ll reply to you as soon as I can dear friend!

from KaraAnd here’s a cool cowboy envelope with a letter from Kara in in UK. Love the stapms as usual. This girl seems to have contacts with the stamp gods of goodness!

from NicolleNicolle in the US sent me this absolutely stunning envelope with the gorgeous bird stamps. Such a great match! Except for a letter she also sent me three super pretty envelopes. I love love love the one with birds!

from SusanI have also received surprise mail from Susan in the UK. The paper she used for the letter is made from recycled bank notes! :D Thank you for this lovely mail surprise!