Tor-Ulf and the Tsintaosaurus


Some of my readers have asked me about Tor-Ulf. It’s been a while since he last made an appearance on my blog. He’s been living on a strict cupcakes only-diet, and it has had it consequences: torulf

He asked me if I think he looks fat.
I said yes.
He left.

I think he will be back sooner or later, but if you see a colorful lump flying over your house, leave me a message ;)

I’m actually looking forward to meet him again as I have some news for him. I bought this awesome book, and I found what can only be Tor-Ulf’s forefather!

TsintaosaurusIsn’t he a cute oddball? :D



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    • Haha, keep the compliments coming and he might come back to me again. I was in a bad mood and hurt his over sensitive feelings ;)

      Yeah, the book is really nice! It gives a great overview of dinosaurs, fishes and mammals from the long long time ago. And it has illustration on every single creature! :D
      I miss two things though:
      *They haven’t written the meaning of the dinosaurs’ names,
      *and often they don’t mention who discovered the dinosaur.

  1. Dejligt at se Tor-Ulf igen, du skulle have sagt til ham, at han ikke er tyk, men “erotisk buttet” så var han nok blevet.
    Underlig bog, når så vigtige oplysninger mangler… Men fedt billede.
    Mie fra LEP

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