Daily life objects from 17th century



Hello guys, it’s time for some archaeological finds from Gammel Strand in Copenhagen again! (You who are here for the mail pictures, don’t worry! I’ll post some incoming and outgoing pictures soon, promises!)

All of the following objects have been found in a layer of soil that presumably is from the 17th century. First out we have a couple of clay pipes. They are super common, but I really likes these two:

pipskaftLook at this pretty little piece of pipe! I love the ornament.

sr2 copyHere’s another pipe. I like this for two reasons:
~It’s almost complete.
~The makers’ mark is “SR” – my initials!
(Well, it could be SB with a damaged B, but I am choosing to ignore that).

Now some a bit less common finds:

fiskenätsmojA  wooden tool that probably has been used for making and/or repair fishnets.

skedskaftHere’s a piece of metal, maybe a handle from a renaissance spoon.

trådWe’ve had ropes before, but I think this may be the first thread.


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