Let’s use up our bad money



This has been a mail productive weekend for me! So far I’ve written 6 letters, and the weekend’s not even finished. Here are the 4 latest:

to annA letter to Ann in the US. Love this old shoe ad! To buy or not to buy?

to joanaThis cute little guy is from an old children’s book, and he is heading to Joana in Portugal.

to julie mlLetter going to Julie in the US.

to MichelleAnd lastly a letter to Michelle in Canada :)

With some luck I’ll be able to write one or two more tomorrow. Catching up feels good!


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  1. Hallvi, are you still looking for new penpals? I’ve been looking for a penpal in Sweden for a looooong time because I want to learn your language, but no luck so far. :)
    Your envelopes look amazing!

    • Hi! Thank you for asking, but I can’t take on more penpals at the moment unfortunately. Have you tried looking at interpals.net? There you can search for people who are open to help you with your Swedish :)

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