Paper plates & sparkles


to deniseA while ago I got this idea that I wanted to make some experimental mail, and of course deares Denise became the victim. I tried to send this paper plate to her, with hopes of it being a good base for homemade postcards in if it arrived safely. Unfortunately Denise went ahead and moved to another country before this reached her, so now I have no idea if this experiment worked or not. I guess I’ll have to look for another victim with a more stable base camp.

to denise2So since some of the mail I sent Denise didn’t arrive before she moved I sent a letter to her in Canada. Now I’m worried that this address might be useless too >_< Oh Denise, where do you fetch your mail these days?

to BarbaraThis green thing of Sparkliness is going to Barbara in Germany. I really like these new Swedish stamps! I need to stock up on them whenever I get the chance money :)

to KaraI like the stamps so much that I used it for both the letters I wrote today; this is for Kara in the UK.

to katrinAnd last but not least a letter for my dear friend Katrin in Germany :)


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  1. Love the paper plate idea! Funny how we limit ourselves to standard postcards and envelopes, when in reality we can send out pretty much any size we want! I’ve heard you can even send a flip flop in the mail haha

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