Renaissance finds



Today we’ve excavated renaissance layers by machine, meaning my job was to stand on the side and watch out for finds. (Love it :) I’ve also been sorting a lot of the finds from the trench in bags. I took the opportunity to photograph some of the things that I and my colleges found today:

potteryA shiny piece of pottery :)

jugA piece from a jug. I think I’ve found pieces with that leaf decor in another part of the trench before. It’s really pretty! :D

lionapeI like this one! I guess it’s supposed to be a lion, judging by its mane, but I think it looks like a gorilla mask xD

kritpiporThe number of clay pipe pieces we find is endless!

kritpipa3This clay pipe is really cool! Can you see that it’s shaped like a head? :) (The finds are straight from the ground and aren’t washed yet, that’s why they’re half covered in soil.)

pilgrimsmusslaHere’s a scallop, possibly a pilgrim badge from Santiago de Compostela.

book coverThis is a find one of my colleges made today. It’s really nice! It is a piece from a leather cover of a book. Look at that beautiful pattern!

bag of bonesHere’s one of the many bags with bones we’ve collected. We find a lot of cow and pig jaws.


Yesterday I got the great news that I will be hired as an archaeologist at the site until the excavation is finished! I’m super excited! <3



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