Eggs and postcards


postofficeThe other week I got the chance to visit a Danish post office! Since we don’t have post offices in Sweden anymore I was way too excited about this! Next to this post office in Copenhagen is also a museum of communication (including snail mail related items), which I will have to visit before I am quitting Denmark :)


Of course I bought a bunch of postcards at the post office, and I have already sent them from Denmark to my closest friends. I also stole legally took a stash of Danish prioritaire stickers that was up for grabs!to fridaHere’s another postcard that I have sent recently, to a friend who likes dinosaurs!

toceciliaThis envelope has been sent to my best friend Cecilia in Sweden. It contained an article about a professor in parapsychology at my university, and I think she found the reading entertaining :)

to AthanasiaHere is one of those beautiful Swedish green packages. I sent it to Athanasia in Greece as a thank you for the awesome stationery she designed for me! (I will show it off in a  later blog post :) She was curious about food in tubes, which apparently is a typical thing for Sweden? I thought every country out there stored some types of food in tubes? But apparently that’s a weird thing? I don’t know… Anyway, Swedish tube food coming your way Athanasia!

till maryAnd lastly I finally sat down to write a proper letter! This one is going to Mary in Romania. She has waited patiently for this one, so I am very happy to have had some writing mojo back  and gotten this mailed to her :)


Now to something completely different: an egg that is approximatly 400 years old, that I found at the excavation of  Gammel Strand today!
eggPretty cool, right?


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    • No, we don’t have proper post offices anymore. I remember them from when I was a kid though :) We have “postal service stations” instead, usually at grocery stores and gas stations. There you can buy stamps and pick up/mail packages, but they also sell tobacco and lottery tickets etc etc.

      • That’s sad! Mind you, I think now that postal service stations are becoming a part of supermarkets in England I don’t think it will be long before we lose our post offices too.

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