Blackberry & Elderflower


It’s about time I show some mail I have received lately:
from BarbaraThis cute letter is from my dear friend Barbara in Germany :)

from KatrinAnd here’s a letter from another very dear friend in Germany; Katrin! Such a pretty envelope! And it has a dinosaur :D <3

from KatyI also received some surprise mail from a fellow LEP member and archaeologist; Katy from the UK. This is probably one of the cutest owl ever!

from JulieandDeniseI also got a very tempting postcard from Julie and Denise ;) (from US and Canada) Love you girls!

from MariaMary in Romania, whom I still owe a letter (it will come, promises), sent me a very pretty Easter card with a message written in perfect Swedish! I’m so impressed by how fast she’s learning my crazy language!

from KaraAnd Kara from the UK apparently decided to spoil me with a lovely letter + tea + plus a fountain pen :O <3 Thank you so, so much!! And all these amazing stamps.. I can’t stop drooling over them. (Good thing they’re covered by tape ;)

from YoshiTalking of spoiling… My sweet friend Yoshi sent me an amazing birthday package! Look how cute it is :D

from Yoshi2And she had filled it with a lot of stationery goodies <3 And Haribo Pandas! :O I’m very familiar with Haribo, but I had never seen these pandas before. And they were oh so yummy! She also included a surprise for my boyfriend. So awesome! Many many thanks Yoshi!


I am a bit *cough* behind on my mail at the moment, but I promise that I will get back to you all as soon as I can!


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  1. As soon as I covered them with tape I instantly regretted it, glad it arrived safely and hope the pen writes ok :)

    • I will try the pen for my next letter! Thank you so much for sending it to me! I can’t believe you parted with a fountain pen and gave it to me <3
      By the way, is it ok to cover stamps in tape? I imagined that the postal people with get cranky since they can't cancel them..

      • I have no idea about the stamps… In truth I felt like I committed a horrible action in covering them with tape but they just refused to stick to the envelope paper! I really love those wintertime stamps though :) and for the pen… I have one exactly the same… I think they sent two by mistake lol and I have tons of fountain pens. Hope that one writes ok… Mine did

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