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Tor-Ulf and the Tsintaosaurus


Some of my readers have asked me about Tor-Ulf. It’s been a while since he last made an appearance on my blog. He’s been living on a strict cupcakes only-diet, and it has had it consequences: torulf

He asked me if I think he looks fat.
I said yes.
He left.

I think he will be back sooner or later, but if you see a colorful lump flying over your house, leave me a message ;)

I’m actually looking forward to meet him again as I have some news for him. I bought this awesome book, and I found what can only be Tor-Ulf’s forefather!

TsintaosaurusIsn’t he a cute oddball? :D



Mystical beasts


cathrin katrinFirst out: a couple of postcards. The dragon is from my penpalKatrin in Germany, and the second one with the excavation photo is from Cathrin in Sweden, but it’s sent from Germany.

from JoanaThis super cool looking envelope is from my friend Joana in Portugal. Love her letters!

mothmanAthanasia has done it again! She was generous enough to design and send me another cryptid stationery! Last she made me a yeti set, and this time it’s Mothman! <3 Thank you so much!

yoshiAnd last but definitely not least, a cute letter from my dear friend Yoshi :)

Daily life objects from 17th century



Hello guys, it’s time for some archaeological finds from Gammel Strand in Copenhagen again! (You who are here for the mail pictures, don’t worry! I’ll post some incoming and outgoing pictures soon, promises!)

All of the following objects have been found in a layer of soil that presumably is from the 17th century. First out we have a couple of clay pipes. They are super common, but I really likes these two:

pipskaftLook at this pretty little piece of pipe! I love the ornament.

sr2 copyHere’s another pipe. I like this for two reasons:
~It’s almost complete.
~The makers’ mark is “SR” – my initials!
(Well, it could be SB with a damaged B, but I am choosing to ignore that).

Now some a bit less common finds:

fiskenätsmojA  wooden tool that probably has been used for making and/or repair fishnets.

skedskaftHere’s a piece of metal, maybe a handle from a renaissance spoon.

trådWe’ve had ropes before, but I think this may be the first thread.

Let’s use up our bad money



This has been a mail productive weekend for me! So far I’ve written 6 letters, and the weekend’s not even finished. Here are the 4 latest:

to annA letter to Ann in the US. Love this old shoe ad! To buy or not to buy?

to joanaThis cute little guy is from an old children’s book, and he is heading to Joana in Portugal.

to julie mlLetter going to Julie in the US.

to MichelleAnd lastly a letter to Michelle in Canada :)

With some luck I’ll be able to write one or two more tomorrow. Catching up feels good!