Clay pipes and old man’s slipper


Dear readers, as you might or might not know I am currently taking a field work course in archaeology. Right now I am on a work placement at an excavation of Gammel Strand in Copenhagen, held by the Museum of Copenhagen. We’re currently digging layers that cover several phases of expansion of the harbour, made from the 16th to the 19th century.

Since a handful of people have expressed a wish to see photos of finds from the excavation, I asked permission to post some photos here and I got thumbs up from my kind bosses! :) So lets have a look at some of the most common types of objects we find:

Clay pipes
Used for smoking tobacco during the 16th – early 19th century. Well, some tobacco hipsters use clay pipes even today.
These are really common, and it’s tempting to compare them to modern day cigarette butts.

clay pipe 2This is what we find most of; a piece of a stem from a clay pipe.

clay pipeBut we also find pipe bowls, like this little beauty that my colleague Lise found in our trench today. This is probably from the 18th century.

clay pipe3Here’s another example of a clay pipe bowl. This one is a bit older, judging by its chubbiness.

clay pipesAbout half of the clay pipe fragments we’ve found the last 5 days in a pretty small area of the humongous trench. Yes, it’s humongous.

I don’t know what to say about pottery except that we find a lot of it. A lot. We find everything from simple cooking pots, to expensive imported porcelain from China.

pottery 2

Mixed ceramics from the 18th-19th century.

potteryFaience made to mimic porcelain.

pottery2A pretty piece I found today.

Other finds
So apart from ceramics and clay pipes we also find tons (literally) of building materials like bricks and tiles. Other finds include animal bones, oyster shells, hazel nuts, lots of glass, and some metal objects (the list could go on though).

lice combToday my colleague Lise found this: a lice comb! I love it :D It was found in a layer of soil that was deposited during the 18th century.

shoeThis last picture is of a leather shoe I have found. Unfortunately all the photos I took of it are blurry, but I thought I would show it to you guys anyway because it’s a fairly common find on this site. Doesn’t this look just like an old man’s slipper? xD



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