Easter mail and stamps


Hallvi_picture117I have been a bit absent from letter writing and blogging lately. Mostly because I work full time. But maybe the fact that I have taken up the mmorpg The Secret World again has something to do with it too. (Time flies by so quickly when you kick monster ass.)

from AnnyI have however received some lovely mail lately that I’d like to show you guys. This was a super nice surprise from my dear friend Anny here in Sweden. We used to study art history together before I moved here. She sent me a belated birthday envelope full with stamps! :O :D And cute envelopes! And a beautiful card. Thank you so much, this was awesome!

from DeniseMy dear friend Denise in the US sent me a package too! I forgot to show the items off in the photo, but she sent me starbursts (yum!), an amazing letter opener (works like magic!) and glitter tape <3 Thank you dear friend!

from julieJulie from the US sent me this absolutely gorgeous envelope with an absolutely fantastic letter! (As always! I don’t know how she does it!) Even my boyfriend had to comment on this envelope’s prettiness ;D

from mopI and Thomas got a easter package each from my dear parents, full with candy! :D The yellow blobs are chickens.. xD I also got stamps in my package! They know I can never have too many of those <3

from Rossi usAnd lastly I received this beautiful envelope full with paper goodies from a nice Swap-Bot member who wanted to do a private swap with me :)


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