Tintype collection



Unfortunately, my dear followers, it seems like I am not allowed to share photos from my current excavation in Copenhagen. I can tell you though that it is a big site with many and complicated archaeological layers. So far we have only dug down to the 18th century, but there are a lot of finds in the deposit layers. Mostly various pottery and glass pieces. The big deal about this site however is the well preserved wooden structures from a historical quay. Hopefully we will reach medieval layers before I leave in the end of May.

It is lovely to check the mailbox first thing after a workday! Here are some recent incomings:
from allison usAn awesome and funny postcard from Allison in the US. She’s a fellow LEP-member :) Thank you!

from Kara ukKara in the UK sent me this amazing envelope, full with stamps inside and out! And tea! And a letter! :D (And I love the Malkavian stationery!!) Check her blog out for lots of pretty snailmail! It got here so quickly :O  Almost as if it was sent from Sweden. Big thank you Kara, I will try to write back this weekend :)

tintypesAnd then this. I know I am crazy, but I seem to have started a new collection: tintype portraits! You know that when you have three or more of something it is a collection, right? I found these pretties on etsy and couldn’t resist them. There are so many tintypes for sale online, and they can go for quite hefty sums. Since I am not very rich I have decided to collect the “boring” cheaper ones, but only buy those who speak to me in some way.

What I like about these ones, from left to right:
~ The sharp details of the lady’s dress. It looks amazing in the original photo.
~The many accessories this woman is wearing! Less is never more!
~The stern and kind of unamused expression on the woman’s face.



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  1. Wow that got there real fast! :O Sorry about the re sealed-ness of the envie again, oh and I hate it when they cancel my stamps with a line through them :( Sorry still can’t believe only 2 days to get to you! that’s pretty amazing :D

    • I don’t mind the re sealed-ness at all! It adds personal charm ;) And I know the frustration of forgetting to put something important in the envelope. Thank you so much for these stamps! They’re so pretty and colourful and will go right into my collection :D I just hope you have stamps left for your letters!

      • Yeah I have a whole box! lol I don;t think those are valid for postage thought as they are pre February 1972… I think :D

    • Also: I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your emails! I am just horrible at emailing. I don’t know why, texting, social media and letters I can handle, but I seem to be unable to reply to emails D:

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