So I got home from my first day at the excavation in Copenhagen today, to find my mailbox full of lovely mail!

Mina, JapanFirst a postcrossing postcard from Japan, picturing a beautiful castle! It’s the Matsumoto Castle to be precise :)

Victor RussiaThen another postrossing card, this time the Assumption Cathedral in the city of Tobolsk in Russia! Me like :)

Polina, KyivAnd. This. A gorgeous jellyfish postcard that I received from Polina in Ukraine! We decided to do a private postcard swap on Instagram :) I will frame this little piece of prettyness.

swapbot tea 7I also received two tea swaps from swap-bot swaps. This handmade envelope is so gorgeous that I just have to show it to you guys! It’s from Debbie in the US.

frimärkenAnd last but definitely not least: vintage stamps that I bought at a Swedish auction site! (Much like ebay but without the paypal option. -__-) They are sooo pretty! And many! <3 I got these for about 15 usd less than their face value, and they’re in great condition! Can’t wait to use them on my letters :D  If you are my penpal and like any of them, just let me know and I’ll use them for my next letter to you.



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