German Castles


Yesterday I had another amazing mail day!
swap-botI got this pretty envelope filled with tea bags from Victoria in Ukraine. I joined a few tea swaps on swap-bot, and it’s so fun to receive a lot of new teas that I haven’t tried before :D Plus, the smell when I opened this envelope was lovely :3

fro FridaThen I got this bright yellow and thick envelope from Frida in the Netherlands! In it I found an amazing letter, and a whole collection of gorgeous medieval themed postcards!! This was such a treat <3

from BarbaraI also got a letter from my penpal Barbara in Germany! I’m so happy to hear from her :D

from KatrinAnd then this super pretty mailarted envelope from my dear Katrin in Germany. And look at those gorgeous castle stamps! I really want to go to Germany for a castle tour around the country :3


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    • Dear Katrin, I might take this invitation very seriously! Meeting up with you for some un-stressed beer drinking and castle visits sounds dreamy :D

      • Take it seriously ;-) you might feel like at home in Sweden once we are ready with the house. But of course with German beer and some castles on top :-D

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