Outgoing with stamps


I have received a lot of amazing mail lately, but I thought it was time to blog about some of the pieces that I have sent out lately :)
Cathrin och ChristofferThis is going to two friends here in Sweden. The envelope looks so empty when I only use one stamp like normal people do! o__o

till DeniseHere is a small package heading to Denise in the US.

to deniseAnd here is a home made postcard that I also sent to Denise. I was going to make a collage using a lot of  stickers, but ended up using no stickers at all <__<

And lastly: here are 3 envelopes that I’ve sent in a Swap-Botswap where you have to send mailarted envelops with at least 3 stamps :)
swapbot3 swapbot1 swapbot2


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  1. You use such pretty stamps! They are so hard to come by in England. Or at least I have found them to be. Love your blog by the way.

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