The mystery box



Yesterday my boyfriend got a mysterious note in the mail saying that he had a 13 lbs package to pick up. Why was this mysterious? He hadn’t ordered anything! And this note came in an envelope, which they usually don’t. So today he went to pick this mysterious package up, and he came home with this:
20140327_125310A huge box from my dear Denise!! I knew she sent something for me and Thomas, but didn’t comprehend just how much until the box was in our hands. o__o

20140327_131035Everything on this table, except for the cloth, is from the most generous Denise! Soups, various amazing stationery, fun flavours of m&m’s, Reese’s O__O, BEEFARONI x’D, and more. Today has been like Christmas! And Thomas and I already ate some of the Reese’s candy. Of course.
The really fun thing is that lots and lots of these things are stuff that we have spoken about in our many chats the last year or so xD I can’t believe she remember it all, and then sent it!

HUGE thanks to you dearest Denise! I plan to shower you with Geisha chocolate until you puke. Yes.



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