Denise Day


Today, or technically yesterday, was a Denise day! Why? 3 out of 5 pieces of today’s incoming mail was from her! <3

from Alison
But first: A birthday card from Alison in South Africa! Thank you so much for the cute card in a cute envelope <3 I know you guys can’t see this in the photo, but the postage stamp is some kind of magical 3D picture of an eagle. It flies when you move the stamp around. So cool! :D And let me know if you sign up for this stamp design competition! ;D

from Denise3Here is a super sparkly and fabulous birthday card that I got from dearest Denise! And those lighthouse stamps <3 I don’t think I have received any of those before. And I love the envelope she made too! :D So cheerful!

from Denise2This beautiful envelope is from Denise too! More amazing stamps! And I love the color combination. And the letter was so fun to read! :D

from Denise1Here is the last one from Denise: a super cute owl envelope with amazing vintage postage stamps on it! My favourite American stamp might now be the fossil fuel one.

from Denise stampsWe decided to swap some used stamps, and this is what she sent me in the envelope above. I love them!! I have never seen any of these American stamps before, so I’m excited to add them to my collection! The creeptastic Indian Art one at the bottom of the picture is just amazing. I will blame it for eventual nightmares.

from Sara JeanHere is a letter from Sara Jean! I’m super excited about this because she’s awesome and I didn’t think she would want to write back to me. But she did! :D <3

diplomaAnd then this happened today too. It has been an utterly amazing mail day!


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    • Thank you! :D I am very excited and proud to have made it. For some people a BA is far from a major achievement, but for me it’s near a miracle xD haha

      • Lol I’m the only person in my family to have any kind if degree! Even a levels! So a degree is big :D you should so be proud. Are you going to do more? Or too early to know haha at te moment I’m waiting to hear about being accepted for my masters, I hate the waiting

      • Possibly haha! It was a while ago, the offer is still open though :) , I don’t have as many as I thought I did, but still a few :) But I could send some tea too to make up for it? I don’t know. Oh yes and I meant to say earlier that your degree Certificate is way nicer looking than mine :)

        • If you still want to part with them they are welcomed into my home and collection ;) And tea from, UK – the tea kingdom sounds awesome! What can I send you in return? Sweden is famous for meatballs, but I’m afraid an envelope full of meatballs would be.. smelly. So let me know if I can send you something else :D

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