Birthday mail


Some lovely people have sent me lovely birthday mail! A big thank you and a hug to you all!! (For more birthday mail received earlier this month, go here and here :)

athanasiaklarAthanasia in Greece sent me a beatiful package and card, with a set of her homemade stationery! Her letter sets are always super beautiful, and the paper she prints her designs on are like magic! It sparkles and everything! <3

from Juli klarMy dear pen friend Julie in the US sent me this pretty package with a gorgeous notebook, party drink umbrellas, sparkly thread (more magic!!) and REESE’S! *-* Oh yes she did. I already ate one before I took this photo. How many that are left at this very moment I leave to your imagination. from Cathrin 1Cathrin and Christoffer in Sweden (my boyfriend’s sister and her husband) sent me these lovely birthday gifts! Mama Moo stickers <3 I loved Kråkan (Crow) when I was a little child! I even had a Kråkan plush! The book is a Swedish fantasy that I had never seen before I got it, so I am very eager to read it! I just need to finish my current read first :)

from Mel (au)Mel in Australia is a fellow LEP-member and she sent me this cute card for my birthday! Thank you <3
from ericaAnd this adorable Moomin card is from my friend Erica in Finland :D I love Moomin! I was terribly scared of the hattifatteners though when I was a kid. And I mean terribly scared. But all is forgiven now, and I think they are really cute :D

Many thanks to you all who have made my 26th birthday such a great one!


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  1. Ah, your birthday mail is so wonderful ♥
    I’m not doing snail mail long enough yet, so I can’t say so much about it – but I’ll hope I can make as good birthday presents as yours :D I would be so glad if I can make people’s birthday even a little bit better than it already is! :)

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