Birthday vacation



I spent a few days home in Hälsingland with my  family over my birthday weekend, and it’s been really nice and relaxing. I live about 1000 kilometres from my parents, and with my schedule I rarely have time to make the trip to visit them. These days have been a treat!
resekitBefore I ventured on this 7 h train ride and 5 days from home I packed a travel kit for my letter writing! This contains:
*2 cute paper pads
*5 pre-made mailart envelopes
*5 sticker sheets
*6 rolls of washi tape
*1 roll of clear tape
*1 pack of sticky notes
*postage stamps for 5 letters
*4 letters that needs replying to

What do you usually bring? I had serious problems to pick only 6 rolls of washi tape. I felt like I needed them all with me >_<

I did manage 2 letters during this mini vacation, which is great considering that I have been slow on replies lately! One of them I wrote on the train on my way to my parents. It was kind of cramped, the person in the seat next to me gave me funny looks, and my handwriting was unusually shaky. But the time flew away and I forgot the horror that is travelling by train for a couple of hours :D

TrönöThis is the view that met me at home. SNOW! O__O Here where I live, way south in Sweden, we have semi-green grass and blooming spring flowers. The snow melted within a day or two though, and hopefully my parents now can enjoy spring for real.

roadtripMom and I made a little road trip. We went to my favourite yarn store where I stocked up on pretty yarns for future shawls projects :) I am thinking about opening an etsy store to sell some of my crocheted shawls and scarves since I make more of them than I can use.
We also cruised some small dirt roads on the hunt for beautiful old buildings, which Hälsingland is full of. This adorable cottage is located just by a lake. I wish it was mine!

tårtaThis is the very pretty cute cake my mom prepared for my birthday! :D My grandparents visited us for dinner and birthday fika.

paketAnd here is my pile of birthday presents from my parents! :O I felt like a child again <3 (Both because of the big pile of presentes, and because of the wrapping paper that they have used for a decade now xD )

födelsedagspresenterThis is proof that my parents love and me know me well! I got lots and lots of pretty mailart supplies! <3

stampsAnd they gave me these! Lots of stamps! I never have too much stamps, so I absolutely love this gift! <3


Now I am back in Lund again, and I already miss my family. And I have a paper to write <__< Hopefully this mini-vacation has given me the energy I need to complete it before deadline.
When I got home I found a pile of mail waiting for me, both birthday mail and other! (Sooo fun to go through it!) So I will be updating my blog the next few days with some mail pictures for you :D



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  1. Looks like a lovely birthday weekend! And great gifts!

    Damn, the snow has melted all the way in Hälsingland already? We have piled left. Take them awaaaaay!

    If you want to open an Etsy store, may I suggest this link: (gives both you and me 40 free listings ;P)
    I know you already have a profile for all your favourites and stuff, but hey, free listings!

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