Birthday week has begun


from frida and carrieOn Friday is my birthday, and I got two cards with birthday greetings in the mail today! Wohoo! I don’t mind getting older, especially since it seems to bring surprise mail! :D The cards are from Frida in Netherlands and Carrie in the US. Thank you so mucha! ;)

fromJoanaI also got a lovely letter from my dear Joana in Portugal. She sent me a beautifully made birthday card, photos of some amazing Roman mosaics, a birthday present and love in a small envelope! It’s super fun to find something like this in the mailbox! And there are some very pretty archaeology themed stamps on that envelope :)

fromKatrinYes, I got even MORE birthday mail! I am miss spoiled girl! This colourful package is from Katrin in Germany. The paper doily got a little torn on its way here, but it’s still very pretty! 

fromKatrin2Look at all the cute things she sent me! I must have been very nice this year to deserve all this love you people send me <3 She made the strawberry pie earrings herself! Aren’t they cute? :3 I love them!

A big thank you to all of you girls! You made this a fantastic day <3



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  1. I hope you like everything and you are a awesome and come on, we only have a birthday once in a year so you deserve to be spoiled in your day :) and finally, in my whole mail journey I was able to send a birthday parcel on the right time and not after the day, I’m feeling quite organized lately, yeah! I hope you have a super lovely day!

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