Otter and cookies


Here is a bunch of mail I have sent out lately:

todeniseThis is for dear Denise in the US. She hasn’t received it yet (I think), but since it got published in this great BBC article about snailmail I think I can show it on my own blog as well. :) I love the otter stamp on this envelope! It’s from 2010, and my local post office still had this stamp booklet so I had to buy it. I think I bought the last one though, because now they’re out. 

till yoshiThis envelope is for my sweet friend Yoshi in Austria. She really liked these cookie stamps, so of course I saved some for her letter :)

KatkaThis is an envelope with tea bags going out to a swap-bot user. I hope she’ll like the teas I sent, and I really look forward to receive mine and try some new ones :)

KingaMore tea going out for another swap-bot user!

To ShannonAnd here’s a third swap-bot envelope, but this time it’s sticker sheets I’m sending. I am not super active on swap-bot, but now and then I think it’s fun to swap small stuff with strangers :)

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  1. Ahhh det där solfjädriga pappret på brevet till polen.. AAAAH½!!!<2 Och det lila grafiska på sista brevet! jättefina! :C

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