Typed letters and glitter


from deniseThis wonderful letter is from my dear Denise in the US. I just love love love the transparent envelope and the typed letter! And the orange and blue washi look amazing on it!
I know some people really don’t like typed letters, but when they’re typed on a typewriter there’s some wonderful vintage magic to them that I can’t resist :3 Also: I have been looking forever for transparent envelopes, but have only found them in tiny sizes that would be useless for letters. Can anyone help me? Think of it as a quest. You’ll be rewarded with 5 EXP if you can link me to a place that sells transparent envelopes for a decent price and without crazy shipping costs.
5 EXP people!

fromdeniseHere’s another lovely typed letter from Denise. She’s always so creative with what paper she writes on. She picks up random paper, writes on it, and TADAHH: awesomeness. This is a skill I lack.

fromericaThis super pretty glittery letter is from Erica in Finland. She always uses the cutest stationery! And yay for glitter and sparkles :D And look at that cute stamps with snowmen!!  Finland seems to be stamp wonderland.



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  1. What about glassine envelopes? They are semi-transparent, and can be found cheaply on ebay (which I just searched really quickly at)

    • Yes, I’ve looked at those but I have only found either really small ones, like credit card sized ones for postage stamps collectors, or glassine envelopes that are more like small bags and not real envelope envelopes :( I must have been really unlucky or just failing at ebaying/etsying.

        • Postcard sized is ok, bordering great! I have only seen glassine envelopes in the CREDIT card size, and that’s just not big enough for my letters. But if you have found postcard sized glassine envelopes I need to re-check ebay asap :) Thanks for the tip!
          And the shipping is always a problem as soon as I need something from the US D:< Can't they just get over their crazy shipping rates already?

          • Oh but if postcard is okay they are definitely available! I thought you needed bigger.
            this is larger but annoyingly only ships to the US: https://www.etsy.com/listing/179166114/25-translucent-clear-6-x-9-vellum
            This however, might work? https://www.etsy.com/listing/160859588/a7-5×7-translucent-envelopes-for-5×7 (184mm should be alright size, right?)
            I think 7 inch translucentenvelopes are actually quite common now. Nice for wedding invitations.

          • Ohh, those are perfect!! I can’t believe you found them just like that! I have been looking for hours. Not tonight, but now and then when I have felt the need for envelope prettiness. I will definitely place an order. Thank you! I now reward you 5 EXP + 2 extra bonus EXP for this excellent service xD

          • Hurray! 7 points!
            I have some mad etsy (and google) skills sometimes. Yesterday I somehow managed to get in to someone’s server or something where they stored scanned chapters of a book I needed and the uni library didn’t have.
            Also, etsy and I have a lovely relationship at the moment. Probably cause I’ve been funnelling so much money through the site recently (seriously, I bought like $75 worth of pretty insects just the other day). So I think it’s being kind.

          • You do understand that there will be a follow up question on your comment, right? So here it comes:
            What do you use the insects for? :O It sounds like an interesting project. Or a weird collection?

            I have an intense love/hate relationship with etsy and ebay. Hours and moneys have been spent. Fun, but economically painful!
            Oh, and I just realised that the kind of envelope I really want is made out of this mysterious material “vellum”. This will make googling so much easier! I still have a few things to learn before I can hack scanned books like that! It sounds like a really useful skill set though, because MAN uni literature is expensive. I need that money for pretty things! ;)

          • Welllll. They were pretty, okay? I needed to own them. I’ve never worked with insects before, but considering I basically live in a curiosity cabinet by now I felt the need to add some. So some will be mounted in some way and just added to my collection of stuff. But considering I bought 5 random butterflies (the extra big and colourful option), five random beetles, one giant atlas beetle (male), a pair of green dung beetles and a pretty moth… yeah, I will have some to spare for random projects I’d think. But yeah, a butterfly or two will probably be mounted in a frame of some kind. If I can find double glass frames I’ll use that and put in a bookshelf. The beetles? I might try to mount them on some wood or something in a glass box. Damn I want to learn taxidermy…

            I usually sell on etsy so I get some funding for what I later buy. But I obviously can’t atm since my tools are in Sweden and I’m in Canada. And yet I buy so much stuff! My paypal funds are steadily decreasing.

            Oh girl, why do you still buy uni books? We have a wonderful library! And you have classmates (cough cough) with resources :P
            Start by looking here: http://bookza.org/ (it’s what I always start with, I have more sources)

            How do you, an archaeologist, not know about vellum? Well, modern vellum obviously isn’t the same but still. Old timey vellum was made of calf skin, modern is made from some non-animal stuff.

          • Rebecka, you’re becoming more and more awesome by the minute! Curiosity cabinets! <3 You HAVE to share photos of your work when you're finished. And now I'm also quite intrigued by your etsy shop! Link please. If it's still open now when you're on the other side of the Atlantic? And to have a nice circle of etsy money sounds ideal! I have thought about coming up with something to sell there to get paypal money for stickers, but I'm simply not crafty enough to produce something people would actually buy D:

            And about the vellum: I'm not good with words, ok? xD To be honest I had never heard about vellum in archaeological contexts, only parchments. And even if I had a clue I wouldn't have guessed that the modern material had the same name. But you know, you learn something new every day! Yay for learning!

          • You know us osteologists… always crazy. I have lots of bones in my apartment, some frogs in resin, an ostrich egg etc. Only feels natural to add some insects right? You should just come visit when I return to the motherland!

            My etsy shop has very basic jewellery really. It’s on vacation now but you can see what I have sold at least: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lonelynoodles/sold?ref=shopinfo_sales_leftnav
            I want to be more creative with jewellery. Would love to take a course in fine smithwork. But I don’t know if I can do much of that stuff in my small kitchen anyway. But now I’m also totally wanting to work with weirder stuff. Like make jewellery with insects and such! If I can get hold of good lockets and resin I might be able to pull it off…

            But you’re very creative with your envelopes and stuff! I’m sure you can come up with something relating to that. Stationary or something. Give it a go!

          • You have no idea how much I would love to see your collection of oddities when you’re back home! I will remind you of this invitation ;)

            Your jewellery is super pretty! I found some favourites that I’d wear in a heartbeat, so I will keep an eye on your shop when you’re back miss! And working insects into jewellery will be a hit, I love the idea.

            Have you seen these? They’re so cool!

            And then we have these (not only insects though):

            Maybe too macabre for comfort for some people, but I think they’re magical.

          • But of course! Come come!
            I found an afternoon course in Brooklyn on anthropomorphic mouse taxidermy, but I think I might have to go home a week before that. So sad. The things I could make!

            Aw thank you!
            If you want anything, tell me and we don’t need to go through the whole etsy bit ;) And I make custom stuff too of course! You know, in the same style of course. I even have pieces I haven’t had the chance to play with yet.

            I actually saw some of the steampunk ones just earlier today! I think it’s the same guy at least. Or super similar. So very very cool. I’d love to own something like that. Maybe I should even try making one.
            And the other taxidermy is also super cool. Love the last two.

            I remember watching the first (and so far only) season of Project Accessory and they went to The Evolution Store in New York (I’ve never been, but have three skulls from there by now. My parents always go, just for me. Of course I’m going to go there when I visit New York this year!). They had to pick an insect each and then use it in their jewellery (as well as be inspired by it for more items). Most people made kinda boring stuff, but my favourite (and winner of the challenge) used a beetle in all the right ways: http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/jackalope/rich's%20bling%20beetle.jpg
            I’m not much for bling like that, but he didn’t just glue it on to something you know?

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