Surprise mail for a friend


till annyI sent this green package on Monday to one of my in real life friends who I met when I studied art history. She deserves some surprise mail :)
Don’t you just shudder at these ugly green packages? They are the simplest and often cheapest alternative for sending bigger stuff here in Sweden, and therefore I use them. I tried to make it less aesthetically painful by slapping on a few stickers >_>

sjal2This is what I sent :) I have no idea what colours she likes to wear, so I went with something light and girly xD It looks good for spring though, doesn’t it? I bought the yarn here, and the pattern for the shawl here.
She received the shawl the day after I sent it! Sometimes I forget how quickly mail travels within Sweden since I mostly send international mail.

anny and her shawlAnd here are my beautiful friend Anny and the shawl I crocheted for her! I stole the picture from Anny’s Instagram, so lets hope she doesn’t mind ;)

I will definitely use this pattern again as it is quite easy and beautiful. It’s also not too repetitive, which makes the crocheting more fun!



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