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So I got home from my first day at the excavation in Copenhagen today, to find my mailbox full of lovely mail!

Mina, JapanFirst a postcrossing postcard from Japan, picturing a beautiful castle! It’s the Matsumoto Castle to be precise :)

Victor RussiaThen another postrossing card, this time the Assumption Cathedral in the city of Tobolsk in Russia! Me like :)

Polina, KyivAnd. This. A gorgeous jellyfish postcard that I received from Polina in Ukraine! We decided to do a private postcard swap on Instagram :) I will frame this little piece of prettyness.

swapbot tea 7I also received two tea swaps from swap-bot swaps. This handmade envelope is so gorgeous that I just have to show it to you guys! It’s from Debbie in the US.

frimärkenAnd last but definitely not least: vintage stamps that I bought at a Swedish auction site! (Much like ebay but without the paypal option. -__-) They are sooo pretty! And many! <3 I got these for about 15 usd less than their face value, and they’re in great condition! Can’t wait to use them on my letters :D  If you are my penpal and like any of them, just let me know and I’ll use them for my next letter to you.



Outgoing mail


swapbot jenna fiI have entered a stationery swap on swap-bot, and here’s the envelope I’m sending my swap in. It’s going to snailmailer in Finland. I hope she likes kawaii, since that’s what I have most of ;P And it was lots of fun to use many stamps on a big envelope :D

till JoanaHere is a letter heading to my dear penpal Joana in Portugal. I like the summery feeling of this envelope :)

till KatrinI know for a fact that Katrin in Germany has received this already since she wrote me back and everything :) That was a quick round!

to Emma HAnd here’s an envelope headed to Emma in the UK. I hope it has found her by now!


Tomorrow is the first day of my 8 weeks work placement at an excavation in Copenhagen. I’m super excited, but I hope I will not be too much of a bother to the professional archaeologists ;) I will probably be a bit off from letter writing and blogging since I will be gone from home almost 12 h per day, 5 days per week. My apologies to my penpals who are already waiting for a reply from me!

German Castles


Yesterday I had another amazing mail day!
swap-botI got this pretty envelope filled with tea bags from Victoria in Ukraine. I joined a few tea swaps on swap-bot, and it’s so fun to receive a lot of new teas that I haven’t tried before :D Plus, the smell when I opened this envelope was lovely :3

fro FridaThen I got this bright yellow and thick envelope from Frida in the Netherlands! In it I found an amazing letter, and a whole collection of gorgeous medieval themed postcards!! This was such a treat <3

from BarbaraI also got a letter from my penpal Barbara in Germany! I’m so happy to hear from her :D

from KatrinAnd then this super pretty mailarted envelope from my dear Katrin in Germany. And look at those gorgeous castle stamps! I really want to go to Germany for a castle tour around the country :3

St. Albans


I know I have been posting a lot here the last few days, but I am a bit behind on blogging about all the things I send and the awesome things I receive, and I want to share all the mail prettiness with you guys! Here are some incoming mail, not related to my birthday, that I have received lately:

from AnnAnn in the US sent me a sunny envelope with a letter and a postcard. Thank you! :)

from Kathrin B i GermanyThis cute snailmail is from Kathrin in Germany!

from swapbot CanadaThese stickers arrived in my mailbox after I joined a sticker swap on swap-bot :)

postcrossingAnd this pretty cathedral is from a postcrossing member. I love when postcrossing bring me churches! :D