Peanut Butter Cup


from CatrinI got a package from Catrin in the US! We decided to do a private candy swap, and this arrived in my mailbox <3 Look at all the pretty stamps! There’s even a dinosaur skeleton! 

Peanut Butter CupShe sent me various fun candies/sweets that we don’t have here in Sweden, but I got to say that these peanut butter cups are my favourite so far *-* I will become an addict to something I can’t buy D’: 

till CeciliaLast week I sent this little envelope to my marvelous friend Cecilia here in Sweden. I wonder if she got it? 

till CicciAnd yesterday was her birthday! :D So I sent her some gifts :) You can see what these packages hide, and her cute cats here.



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  1. Very cool! If you’re ever up for another sweets/chocolate swap with a US penpal, let me know, I’ve gotten a few of my penpals addicted to some amazing things only available here in the area :P

  2. I dont like reese..but ccs brother favorite is “york”…the best you can find instead of “after eight” svenskt godis slår allt ;-)

    • Oh, I never heard of yorks! Can you make “after eight pears” with them too? :3
      There’s a lot of delicious Swedish candies, but it’s fun to try other stuff! :D

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