Happy Valentine’s!


valentinesHappy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope you’re celebrating whatever’s close to your heart in whatever way works for you. Of course chocolate is close to most peoples’ hearts, so go get some if you haven’t had any yet today :) I’m not big on the Valentines hype, and therefore I haven’t sent any Valentine’s cards. But I have gotten two! :O And it was so nice and lovely to receive a piece of thoughtfulness in my mailbox, that I might have to reconsider my stand on Valentine’s cards next year :) These are actually the first Valentine’s cards I’ve ever received! At least as an adult, I’m sure we all traded home made cards in school when I was a kid. So these are very precious to me <3

fromAnny“To my friend…
on St Valentine’s Day”

This adorable card is from Anny Sabine in Sweden. Thank you! :D
In Sweden this day is not named after the saint, but it’s called “All Hearts’ Day” (Alla Hjärtans Dag). We’re not that into saints over here. (I think they’re cool though. Because of history geekiness.)

fromHildeThis gorgeous Jane Austen themed card is from Hilde in Belgium. She quoted my favorite Austen book, Northanger Abbey:

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friend. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”


from yoshi barbaraSo today I also received two letters from two of  my penpals: the “for you” envelope is from Yoshi in Austria, and the mamegoma envelope is from Barbara in Germany. I was all caught up on my mail before today, so this was a happy surprise before the weekend :)

till SaraJeanHere’s an envelope I’ve sent to the sweet Sara Jean in the US.

TillCatrinAnd here’s a package full of chocolate I’ve sent to Catrin from the US for a candy swap we’re doing. Hope she’ll enjoy it! :)


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