The Magic Mystery Package


1packageunopenedYesterday I got a notification slip in my mailbox telling me that I had a package to pick up! :O Cluelessly I skipped to the post office, and got this! A big green package from my best friend Cecilia!

2packageI opened it and found that it was full of amazing gifts! She’s recently been to the US and had bought me lots and lots of things. Any normal person would have had herself in mind on such a shopping spree. And all the things she had bought me are so very much ME! She knows me too well :D (best friends since preschool <3)

3glowinginthedarkDinosaurs! That glow in the dark!! That I can paint!!! *-* So _awesome_!

4magicAnd look at thisssssss! IT’S MAGIC! Because it’s a dinosaur egg that hatches! *-* Seriously, not many people out there would think of giving me such a great thing of amazingness!
(Must confess that I’m not sure if I want to use it though, ’cause you know.. Once it’s hatched it’s hatched… )

4thomasThis magnet is actually for my boyfriend Thomas (but since we share fridge I’ll be enjoying it too ;). He calls me Godzilla Girlfriend, so his official name is henceforth Thomas the T.rex. Of course.

6bigfootBigfoot luggage tag! O__O I didn’t even know I needed this. But oh I do.

7bok mugg pollyAnd she sent me all I need for a nice quiet evening at home; Polly (one of the yummiest kinds of candies ever), a Jesus mug (<3) for my tea, and Swedish novel about a child being abducted by: *drum roll* TROLLS!

8making witchcraft look innocentLuckily she also sent me this DVD to keep my mind off magic and other evils. In case you didn’t know what happens if you enjoy too much fantasy literature:

9deal with(Might be a little too late for me though…)

10paperAnd it’s not over yet! Nope. She also sent me loads of pretty paper crafting materials! Like these beautiful scrapbooking paper pads <3

11stickersAnd these adorable stickers! (Those robots!)

12washisAnd 8, EIGHT rolls of washi tape O__O
She must really, really love me!

I don’t even know how to properly thank her for all these wonderful, pretty and fun goodies! Maybe I should make a lot of mail art and send her thank you notes every day for weeks to come <3



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