Cowl and Shawls



I am still very much into crocheting shawls, and here are a couple I have produced lately, and a third on its way :)

cowlThis is a cowl that I made out of a very pretty princessy yarn with sequins :D I bought the pattern here, and I really like it! It was easy to follow, and fun to crochet.

shawldeniseThis shawl I made for my dear Denise. She blogged about receiving it in the mail here. Hopefully it will keep her warm this winter, I’ve heard it’s pretty cold where she lives. For this shawl I used this pattern from ravelry. It is another fun and easy one, and I’ll probably use it again :)

nysjal på gångThis is my new project that I just started. I am using a lace yarn that is way thinner than the previous yarns I’ve used for shawls, so I find this a bit tricky. I am using this pattern that looks really nice. So far I’ve made a few mistakes, but I’ll probably get the hang of it soon and hopefully it will turn out okay in the end :) I will keep you updated on the result.


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  1. oh wow those are fantastic!! you are so clever!!! i wish i could do that. my friend is going to teach me to make granny squares.. but i dont really have the patience for this kinda stuff. blub. anyway well done!

    • Thank you so much! Granny squares is a great place to begin if you’re interesting in learning to crochet. But I know how it is when the patience is lacking, I am like that with knitting. Everybody finds their “thing” I guess. Crocheting is just a very nice way for me to relax and clear my head. :)

  2. Wow, I’m jealous of you :) I really want to learn to crochet well. I would love to learn to make granny squares as well, as I have so ideas to create with them, like to make a blanket. You are such a creative person!

    • Thank you Joana! It’s really fun to crochet! And granny squares is a perfect way to start – they are simple and fun to make when you get the hang of it :) You can always check for video tutorials on youtube, that’s what I do when I need help to learn some new stitch or technique.

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