We are the robots



frånJoanaIncoming mail from Joana in Portugal. Just look at those cute smarty pants owls! :D

frånDeniseAdorable robots from Denise in the US!

tillDeniseAnd here’s a letter from me to Denise.

tillKellyAnd this is to Kelly in Canada. 

tilldiverseMore outgoing mail. A little this and that going here and there :)

vykortPostcards! Some are for swaps on swap-bot, and some are for postcrossers :)

stampsAnd here is my latest stamp haul. I enter panic mode when I start to run out of stamp, so it’s best to keep a steady stash at home.


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  1. I tried to test why the postal worker is charging me more. She said that when I glue some piece of paper she has to charge me more money to mail it, so I just added rubber stamps. She charged me more than it was supposed any way… -.-‘ I checked Portuguese post-offices website and I think I’ll buy a bunch of stamps from there. I can pick the ones I want (lots of them about archaeology!). Do you pay a lot for the shipping costs when you buy them? Do you buy them on-line?

    • Your post lady seems like such a bitchy thing! >:( Complaining about everything! But having the stamps at home would solve that problem.
      The Swedish postal service sends the stamps without shipping costs if you buy postage for more than 25 Euro. If you shop for less than that they add a 5 Euro shipping cost to the bill. So I always make sure to but stamps for more than 25 Euro when I buy online. But I bet your postal service has information about their shipping costs in their online shop :)

      • They have. If I buy less than 2kg I pay 4.50€ of shipping costs and if I buy more it shipping costs are higher. It would make sense to pay for the right weight of things as we are talking about post-offices. It would be also nice to have free shipping costs, I would definitely buy a great amount of them, as they are always necessary… By the way, I love the envelopes you show in your post, especially Kelly’s. xx

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