Outgoing swaps and more


Happy news: I got my grade on my thesis, and I passed! :D ! So now I don’t have to worry about thesis writing for a year or so, until I need to write my master’s. This means a little more time for letter writing, and therefore I have revisited swap-bot:

tilldiverseOne postcard and two envelopes containing used stamps going out to swap-bot users.

stampswapHere are two postcards with a bunch of stamps that I am swapping with two lovely LEP-members.

tillweronikaI have also done some ‘normal’ penpalling, and this letter is going to Weronika in Poland. It’s absolutely nonsensical.

tillericaAnd this is going to my friend Erica in Finland :)

waxsealHave I already mentioned my new awesome wax sealing stamp? Oh yes, I think I have. I am in love with it! And I really like this dark green wax :)



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  1. That wax stamp is enormously coooooooool! So much pretty mail :D I have to say those postcards are a smart way of sending many stamps to a collector! Apparantly the Netherlands did have small value stamps last year too, but now they are not in business anymore :(

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