Logical Syllogism


My thesis is once and for all completely finished! Completely I tell you! I am now patiently waiting for my grade. As long as I pass I will be all sunshine and rainbows! In the meanwhile, lets take a look at some mail:

frånDeniseMy lovely lady Denise sent me a letter! I love the Harry Potter stamp! :D And the colourful circles!

frånEricaI also got an adorable letter from Erica in Finland :)

frånKellyAnd Kelly in Canada sent me this fun envelope with a letter. The stamps are really cute! 

tillbarbaraI am trying to catch up on some mail, and this envelope is going to Barbara in Germany. I wrote the letter on paper I designed myself, so lets I hope she likes it :)

tillDeniseAnd finally a letter to my dear Denise in the US.


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    • Thank you! I got my grade today and I passed! :D:D:DD I will shortly have one of those fancy degrees I have heard so much about!
      Hehe, my next course has already started, so I have new studies to take care of, but tomorrow I have the day off so I will probably spend a few hours on tsw :3

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