Shawl crocheting


20131128_155022I am totally hooked (no pun intended) on crocheting shawls! It’s really relaxing, and a shawl doesn’t take too long to finish one. I don’t think I would have the patient to crochet tablecloths or curtains or other big stuff like that, but shawls, they’re just perfect! This one I made to myself. I’ve used it all my outdoors time this autumn/winter. 

I used this pattern (Swedish only). It’s really easy.

mammas sjalI made one from the same pattern to my mother as a Christmas gift, but with other colours.

Ciccis sjalI also made this one as a Christmas gift for my best friend. Yes, it is orange and green. But I think she can totally pull it off! It’s rather autumny, don’t you think? :)

IMG_20140103_180601I actually made another one from the same pattern, but in pink and purple. This pattern is so fun to crochet! Unfortunately I only have it in Swedish so I can’t share it with my international crocheting friends, but it’s pretty similar to this one

IMG_20140103_180312And this is the latest one I’ve made. It’s a big one, so you can wrap it around your shoulder. love it! I used this pattern for this one.

I am currently working on this one. It’s a beautiful pattern! Unfortunately I think I used a too small hook when I started crocheting it, so I probably need to start over. But mistakes are a natural part of the process. At least for me ;P Does anyone have a  nice shawl pattern to share?


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