First letter of 2014


malvinaAnd my first letter this year goes to Malvina in Russia!

stampsI have spent some time these past two days with organizing my stamp collection that I recently reclaimed after that it had been hidden in a wardrobe at my family’s place for several years. Most of the stamps are from my dad’s collection that he has given to me. He has organized them by country and year, but I prefer my stamps sorted by theme and prettiness :)

sigillToday I got this wax seal stamp, sealing wax and small spoon to melt the wax in, that I ordered at HappyJewelrySupplies, and I had to try it right away! I have never tried these wax hearts and/or stars before, but it seemed so convenient compared to the wax sticks I have since before, so I had to by a few. They are great! One piece is enough for one seal, and I don’t have to break/cut a wax stick and get pieces of wax all over the place. I also like the texture of the wax when you’ve made a seal of it. It doesn’t break as easily as the wax I have used before. Win wax with other words! (Plus they kind of look like pieces of candy! :)

washiI also gave myself a stash of washi tapes in an Christmas ego-gift. Love them!


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