Postcards galore


I have received a lot of lovely cards lately, both holiday cards and other:

AikoThese beautiful cards are from Aiko in Japan. Thank you dear, I absolutely adore them! <3

AlisonHere is a really nice surprise from Alison in South Africa! It’s such a wonderful Christmas card, and the stamps are gorgeous! Just look at the majestic cat! And I don’t think I’ve ever received mail from anywhere in Africa before so this got me really excited :D

BarbaraMy penpal Barbara in Germany sent me a letter and a super cute mamegoma memo pad, and a beautiful card! I will reply as soon as I can :)

julkort1More Christmas cards! I’m feeling loved :3 The slightly creepy Santa is from my best friend Cecilia and her mother with husband in Los Angeles. Feliz Navidad from Joana in Portugal!And God Jul from my boyfriend’s sister living here in Sweden. Thank you all!

relaxingThe top left card with the beautiful winter view is from Sabine here in Sweden. The cute Santas are from my dear cousin Lill. Cecilia, once again, sent the card from California where she’s spent the holidays with her mother :)

20140104_030829Denise Denise (song stuck in my head) in the US sent me a gorgeous church in the mail <3 And Cecilia sent me more religion related cards! My girls know what ticks my boxes :D


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  1. Beautiful cards! I love Christmas season also for the cards, full of joy and good wishes. By the way, here we say ‘Feliz Natal’ and in the other side of the border, in Spain they say Feliz Navidad :)

    • O__O I can’t believe I missed what the card really said! I must be blind from that horrible Christmas song that sings Felize Navidad over and over again. Thank you for correcting my ignorance. But I promise I knew Portuguese and Spanish aren’t the same language ;)

      And yes, I love holiday cards! I have them all on my fridge right now :) I hope you’ve had a really nice holiday, and Happy New Year to you! :D

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