The holidays are over and I should be back to studying, but I think I will take just this day off before starting with the thesis again :) I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Here are some photos from mine:

fudge1I made whiskey fudge for my father for Christmas. I found the recipe online and had never tried it before, but it turned out yummy! 

christmastreeAnd here’s the Christmas tree at my parents’ place where I spent my Christmas. The tradition is that I and my little brother decorate the tree the evening before Christmas while mum and dad watch and drink beer. Wonderful. And there’s always the annual discussion about whether to use dad’s favourite baubles or not:

motorcycleHere are dad’s motorcycle baubles. I am fine with these, they are red and kind of Christmassy after all, but this:

beerI do not approve! xD But he refuses to leave it in the box.

dinosaurThis year he bought this extremely awesome bauble for me :D I love it! And since I obviously will have this guy in the tree next year I guess I will have to permit the beer stein too since they’re equally Christmassy. Well played dad!

foodThen there was the food. This is some of the food that my mum served at Christmas Eve (we celebrate the 24th in Sweden). Lots and lots of meat and fish! Christmas is one big food orgy in Sweden.

bokmärkenWhen I was home with my family my mother found our old bookmark collection for me :D (Do you call them “bookmarks” in English too?) She collected bookmarks as a kid and I got her collection when I was a kid and added new ones. And now they’re mine again after several years in a hidden box. So nostalgic! 

frimärkenShe also found my dad’s/aunt’s/my stamp collection! I did of course bring this with me home as well :3




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