FlickYesterday I received this beautiful handmade Christmas card from Flick in Australia!  I love it :D

KatrinI have sent a letter to my friend Katrin in Germany. This is the reply to the last letter in my stack of incoming letters. What to do now? I’ve got the mojo but no one to write to. Maybe I should just use the writing mojo on my studies instead…? (nah!)

postitI bought these adorable sticky notes to use in my planner/notebook. Too cute to resist.

rubberstampsAnd I also got a alphabet rubber stamp set really cheap on ebay. I don’t mind that you can see the stamps’ edges, I kind of like it :D But it’s complicated to write when I don’t have å, ä and ö (very important Swedish letters ;). I’ll have to add the dots over a and o with a pen I guess. I plan to use these when I wrap Christmas gifts tomorrow <3 I love gift wrapping!

stampsAfter all the Christmas cards I sent I also had to restock on stamps. It’s nothing you haven’t seen on this blog before, except maybe the stamps with people from the royal family. I always complain about that Swedish stamps are all about the royal family, so, uh, I had to buy some. 

I can’t wait to see the new postage designs for 2014! :D



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