Happy mail day and the smell of Christmas



Today I got two very pretty Christmas cards in my mail box! It always brights up my day to find something in there for me :) Especially when it’s from such lovely ladies as these:

DeniseThis is from my dear friend Denise in the US <3 I love the gorgeous colours of this card!

JulieAnd here’s a card from Julie, also from the US. I’ve never seen as cool a Christmas card such as this in Sweden! 

I have put these cards on the fridge so they can remind me of my awesome friends all holiday season long!

till deniseHere is something that I put together for Denise for about a week ago. It’s a… book thing with random papers in it? I don’t know what to call it really, and I don’t think I had a clue what I was doing when I put it together, but it was fun making and I’ve heard it was a hit ;)


Today I posted the last Christmas cards for this season, and on my way to the post box I walked past a place where they sold Christmas trees. It smelled heavenly! It smelled like a real forest, not like the “forests” they have in this part of Sweden with only leafy trees! It smelled like the day before Christmas when my parents have me decorating the tree against my will every year, and like when I got lost in the forest by our summer cottage as a kid, and like walks at home during summer days. It was magical just to stand there and smell the trees and know that I will soon be going home to Norrland again. I miss it!


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