Santa, bring me dragon eggs!


There has been mail activity! :DCeciliaI got a Christmas card from my best friend this week, and she knows how to how to tick my boxes <3

EricaErica in Finland sent me a letter and two lovely church cards! I think she has a secret stash of church post cards somewhere ’cause she always finds me such nice ones :)

KatrinKatrin in Germany has crocheted me a super cozy cap! :D I love the colour combination, and it’s so warm and soft!  <3  I will not freeze my ears off this winter :D

YoshiAnd sweet Yoshi sent me a whole stationery store! O__O <3 Thank you so incredibly much, you crazy girl! 

julkortI have been rather busy myself putting together the last stack of holiday cards. These are for my Swedish friends :)

outgoingAnd! I have finally had some time to write letters again :D These are going out tomorrow together with the holiday cards. I only have one letter to reply to at this very moment, but if I’m lucky the mailman brings me more tomorrow :)

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