tigerpaperEvery time I walk by Tiger I have to go in. Every time I go in I buy something. Last time I came home with these pretty origami papers. This led to mailart :)

mailart1I added some metallic paper here and there (also from Tiger) and some washi tape here there. And I happen to have a few magazines from early to mid 20th century hidden away from the world in my apartment, so they have also fallen victim to this.

mailart2Bunch of mailarted envelopes #2. I really like the ladies on the envie in the front :D

mailart3And here’s my last bunch of envelopes. Decorating them was therapeutic! I needed to get rid of some stress.


I’ve use up all my double-sided tape o__o Need to get more asap! It’s my best mailart friend ever. I am also out of ordinary tape, and my favourite washi roll is now empty. The horror!  I guess I will have to re-stock after the holidays :)

Here’s some close-ups so you can enjoy the vintage magazine pictures :)

closeup1 closeup2 closeup4 closeup5 closeup6 closeup7


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