Beatles and Owls


Denise surprise mailI got a package with beautiful things from my dearest Denise in the US the other day. It’s so nice to read her adorable handwriting again! I might have sent something back, but I guess it will take some time before it reaches her since the postal system probably is slow during the holidays (because of all the extra mail).

ceciliaHere is a couple of pieces of mail I have sent out recently, apart from all the holidays cards that have gone out to penpals living outside EU. I am waiting a couple of more days before I send the ones for you guys living in Europe :) And this envelope is one of many I’ve put together this week when I needed a break from studying. I love the purple glitter tape! xD

stämplarI also got these cuties in the mail this week. I ordered them from ppappappiyo on etsy. I have long wanted an airmail stamp, but they’re rather expensive to ship to Sweden. This one including shipping was very affordable though, and really cute :) And of course I couldn’t resist the owl!

julkort julkort2Lastly: I had to visit our university library due to my thesis writing, and to my surprise I found that they had a bunch of vintage Christmas cards on display. Aren’t they lovely? <3
“God Jul” is Swedish for Merry Christmas, and “Gott Nytt År” means Happy New Year :)


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  1. I always find St.Lucia card on ebay or Tradera. Finding these goods in Japan is really difficult…..I remember that I found this card on ebay :) No, I didn’t celebrate St.Lucia festival……everyyear, Swedish embassy hold this festival but last year, they didn’t held it and this year, I didn’t watch homepage of Swedish embassy ……….Oh…..they held St.Lucia festival this year ! I couldn’t go there for my laziness :(((

    • I have looked for modern Lucia cards for you, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be popular, I can only find normal Christmas cards :/

      But if you want to see how Lucia was celebrated in Sweden this is was what shown on TV here:

      It’s a Lucia procession singing a lot of traditional Lucia songs in a beautiful church <3 I hope you are able to watch it from Japan, if you would like to that is.

      •  Hello Sofie ! Did you enjoy Christmas ??
        I watched this amazing/beautiful St.Lucia festival ! Which make me happy because I get tired by work of New Year cards.
        Thanks for telling me about this video and your kind/times for find St.Lucia card.
        I already received your lovely christmas card ! Thanks again.
        And I also sent card to you but I don’t know you could receive it before Christmas…..please
        excuse me if you couldn’t receive it before Christmas. Hope you enjoy my card even if you revceive it after Christmas :)

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