The mystery of the opened envelope


Today I received a letter from the lovely Joana in Portugal. It was such a nice read! And the stamps! <3 The only weird thing is that the envelope was opened when I found it in my mailbox :S I don’t think that has happened to me before. And I guess that if some postal/custom worker opened it for some stupid reason they would have re-sealed it somehow? Lets have a look:

JoanaA splash of happy colours :D

openedBut look at this! Why? u__u I want to keep my letters private, thank you!
If you are reading this Joana, did anything fall out (I don’t think so, but I want to make sure just in case)? What I found in this envelope:
*The letter (thank god!)
*A beautiful postcard
*A recipe

stampsAnd lastly, lets have a closer look at the awesome archaeology stamps she used! <3  I want archaeology themed stamps too! Who do I need to bribe  to make this happen?


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  1. Hello! Oh my… I’m starting to hate to post mail. It happened to me recently, with two letters from the US. I even had to sign a paper to investigation and I had to give the envelope too. It happens that pen friends sometimes use very thin and fragile paper to the envelopes and they come open, when it happens I get them inside a little plastic bag with a note from the Portuguese post-office telling it arrived open and they had to seal it there. But the last I got open was definitely cut by someone… and I’m getting really nervous about this, is that person with an eye on my mail and will start opening everything. Where is that person? Does this happen here, or it happens randomly in the other countries, or both? Why is that nobody solves the problem? Where should I complain about this? At my local post-office? I don’t think so, the postal lady there seems to dislike me, she often seems to to be making a chore when I go there.

    I know that at the post-office there are machines to work with all the mail sent by everyone and maybe letters get caught there sometimes, but what if… so many questions…

    It’s everything okay, all the things I have sent are there, maybe I should add a 500€ bill and we would be sure what is happening… -.-

    • I think you should NOT post a 500 bill if you’re being mail stalked! o__o Maybe we should try something smaller, like 5 euro first? xD How ever, it could be that this envelope got delivered to a neighbour by mistake and they opened it without checking the address first, and put it in my mailbox when they realized their mistake. Maybe. Though I don’t think there use to be any problems with my mail being delivered to the wrong address so I don’t know..

      • I was looking at the cut and the only little bit left uncut seems to have been pressed, it really makes me think about some kind of machine. My brother who worked at the post-office says they have machines where mail passes through and it may happens that mail can be stuck there, especially when envelopes are not flat. This never happened to my letters before. So, maybe this happened just this time :)

        • Ohh, I see what you mean! I didn’t think of that before. Then you are probably right, some machine ate this envelope. I am glad it got delivered without pages falling out!

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