Incoming mail and Swedish Christmas stamps


EricaI got this adorable letter and card today from Erica in Finland! I love the Pettson & Findus illustrations, and I loved the books as a kid! Thank you~ 

JulieJulie in the US sent me this cool postcard. The information text on the card says:
Memento Mori symbols were popular in the 16th and 17th century as reminders of life’s brevity. Belonging to “L F”, this seal for impressing hot wax shows a skeleton holding an arrow (mortality) and an hourglass (passing time).

I need to get one of these seals myself somehow! (Well, a replica, since I doubt I would be able to buy the real thing for less than a fortune..)

stampsAnd today I also got a stash of stamps I have ordered. I need to have postage enough when the time comes for Christmas cards! The Swedish Christmas stamps this year are really adorable! They are the ones with birds, squirrels, bears, foxes and reindeers :)
But the Christmas stamps aside, check out those stamps with tile stoves! <3 <3 I have been waiting for them to be released for months. The history nerd in me adores them!



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