What I’ve been up to lately


It’s been quiet on my blog for a while now. Why? It hasn’t happened much mail-related lately, and I am also very much busy with writing a bachelor thesis on the cult of Saint Olaf – a Norwegian Viking king who robbed a lot of English monasteries and ended up as a saint somehow.

I have however managed to have a some sort of leisure time as well, and here’s what I’ve been up to:

sjalI have crocheted a couple of shawls. This is my current crocheting project :) If you’re interested in the pattern you can find it here (it’s available both in English and Swedish).

stashTigerI might have gone on a shopping spree. I bought these paper goods at Tiger.

ugglaAnd I found this adorable owl piggy bank there as well! I just had to have it <3

Arkham HorrorLast weekend I played Arkham Horror with my boyfriend and friends. We lost big times D:


I have received a couple of letters, and sent one out these last few days:

LotteFrom Lotte in Belgium.

AntoniaFrom Antonia in Australia. Love the wax seal!

CeciliaAnd I sent this to my bestest of friends, Cecilia.


Now I better go back to my thesis writing!


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  1. I should try to improve the few I know about crochet, I really love what you have been doing and the skull pattern in that link.. Lately I have been making felt Christmas gifts to pen friends with blanket stitch. By the way, there is a letter on the way to you. <3

    • I love crocheting, it’s so relaxing! I knit too, but I am not that good at that. Crocheting is way easier :D I have never tried working with felt though, and my sewing skills are non-existing! So on that area you are the craft queen of us! ;)
      And I really look forward to your letter! :D

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