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The mystery of the opened envelope


Today I received a letter from the lovely Joana in Portugal. It was such a nice read! And the stamps! <3 The only weird thing is that the envelope was opened when I found it in my mailbox :S I don’t think that has happened to me before. And I guess that if some postal/custom worker opened it for some stupid reason they would have re-sealed it somehow? Lets have a look:

JoanaA splash of happy colours :D

openedBut look at this! Why? u__u I want to keep my letters private, thank you!
If you are reading this Joana, did anything fall out (I don’t think so, but I want to make sure just in case)? What I found in this envelope:
*The letter (thank god!)
*A beautiful postcard
*A recipe

stampsAnd lastly, lets have a closer look at the awesome archaeology stamps she used! <3  I want archaeology themed stamps too! Who do I need to bribe  to make this happen?

Incoming mail and Swedish Christmas stamps


EricaI got this adorable letter and card today from Erica in Finland! I love the Pettson & Findus illustrations, and I loved the books as a kid! Thank you~ 

JulieJulie in the US sent me this cool postcard. The information text on the card says:
Memento Mori symbols were popular in the 16th and 17th century as reminders of life’s brevity. Belonging to “L F”, this seal for impressing hot wax shows a skeleton holding an arrow (mortality) and an hourglass (passing time).

I need to get one of these seals myself somehow! (Well, a replica, since I doubt I would be able to buy the real thing for less than a fortune..)

stampsAnd today I also got a stash of stamps I have ordered. I need to have postage enough when the time comes for Christmas cards! The Swedish Christmas stamps this year are really adorable! They are the ones with birds, squirrels, bears, foxes and reindeers :)
But the Christmas stamps aside, check out those stamps with tile stoves! <3 <3 I have been waiting for them to be released for months. The history nerd in me adores them!


What I’ve been up to lately


It’s been quiet on my blog for a while now. Why? It hasn’t happened much mail-related lately, and I am also very much busy with writing a bachelor thesis on the cult of Saint Olaf – a Norwegian Viking king who robbed a lot of English monasteries and ended up as a saint somehow.

I have however managed to have a some sort of leisure time as well, and here’s what I’ve been up to:

sjalI have crocheted a couple of shawls. This is my current crocheting project :) If you’re interested in the pattern you can find it here (it’s available both in English and Swedish).

stashTigerI might have gone on a shopping spree. I bought these paper goods at Tiger.

ugglaAnd I found this adorable owl piggy bank there as well! I just had to have it <3

Arkham HorrorLast weekend I played Arkham Horror with my boyfriend and friends. We lost big times D:


I have received a couple of letters, and sent one out these last few days:

LotteFrom Lotte in Belgium.

AntoniaFrom Antonia in Australia. Love the wax seal!

CeciliaAnd I sent this to my bestest of friends, Cecilia.


Now I better go back to my thesis writing!

We are cats


EricaA letter to Erica in Finland. I made the envelope of shiny nice metallic paper :) It was kind of tricky to write on, but white gel pen seems to work.

YoshiAnd here’s an outgoing letter to Yoshi in Austria! I love the Engrish xD

KoriNoriAnd this post’s last outgoing envelope is for Korina in The USA. I have soon run out of vintage stamps :/ I might have to hunt some down again. It’s nice to cover the envelope with postage instead of only using one :)

StickersToday I got a new stash of sticker sheets! I love sticker sheets, even though they are much more expensive than sticker flakes. <__<

Noodler's Konrad

AND finally I got this little beauty! It’s a Noodler’s Konrad flex pen! I’ve heard it’s a good starter pen if you’d like to try writing with a flex nib. My handwriting will become the most gorgeous thing of magic once I master this pen! *dreams away*