Penguins and ink


Yesterday I found myself strolling around in a store with stationery in my hands, and before I could stop myself I had already paid for it! >__> Luckily it was not very expensive stuff, so I can now make envelopes out of metallic paper without a troubled conscience :DtigerCards, stickers and two kinds of pretty papers! The store I bought them in is called Tiger, and I don’t know if that’s a Swedish thing or if you can find it all over the globe, but they have some pretty fun and cheap stuff. It’s a dangerous place, be warned! I found a rubber formed as a rhino :O It’s awesome!  But since I rarely use pencils I couldn’t make up an excuse to buy it…

inkI also found a store that actually sells ink for fountain pens! A real store! With a door and windows and stuff! So I bought this gorgeous purple ink :)

kori och ericaAnd then I came home to mail! It was such a great day :D These pretty letters are form Erica in Finland (the orange one), and Korina in the US (the envelope in the front). Thank you ladies, I had some wonderful reading. I will reply as soon as possible!

torulfLastly I and Tor-Ulf would like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween!
(I told him that he looks ridiculous in that ghost outfit, but he thinks it’s the perfect disguise for him going trick or treating unnoticed… >__<)


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