Lucky Star


Today I conquered a new skill! Now I just need to figure out how to use it to achieve world domination.

I learned how to fold these pretties:

20131022_001834 They are called Lucky Stars, and there are tons of tutorials online on how to make them. Here is one for example! I didn’t have any shiny, colourful paper to waste on my first tries, but I would love to fill a glass jar with a rainbow of stars :)

20131021_112410And here is something fun! Look at that pen-sign-thingy! It’s awesome! I have passed this soooo many times the last one and a half year without even noticing it until just the other day o__o My friend who is a native (of this city) told me that there used to be a  big stationery shop there, but now it’s gone! D: But the sign is still pretty cool in itself :)


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    • They are super easy to make! And there are tutorials all over internet if you search for “origami lucky star”, so just go ahead and make a bunch of any paper you don’t have use for ;)

  1. I want to try these stars! By the way I got your amazing letter today! Thankies (: I wish to live in a place where stationery shops would be quite an easy place to find, libraries everywhere, buildings with beautiful architecture to sit on a cosy café reading chatty letters as yours and dreaming, with the autumn chill trying to get into our clothes… that would be great! Keep blogging please :)

    • If you find this dream city of yours you’ve got to tell me right away! I’d definitely pack and move ;D
      My letter reached you rather quickly then! I like when that happens :)

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